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Hi! I'm glad to meet you.

I'm David Rupp, owner of 9th Circle Designs and a freelance web and graphic designer since 2003. I have seen the immense growth of the business over the years and keep my working standards on par. My goal is to provide you a stress free, enjoyable and affordable service to improve or just to refresh the visual aspect of your business. Whether its an overhaul of your website, a corporate re-branding or just a few tweaks to an existing idea, we are more than happy to work with you.

  • Over 10 years experience in web and graphic design.
  • Hassle free and easy to work with.
  • A timely turnaround with your schedule in mind.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

So if you are looking for that special something to make you stand out and be noticed, I am confident that you will find what you need with 9th Circle Designs. Not sure if we handle what you need? Just contact us and you may be surprised.

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Graphic Design

No job is too big or too small, your satisfaction is imprtant to us and we will strive to give you the best quality design for the most reasonable prices.

  • Logos and business cards.
  • Promotional and event fliers.
  • Menus and gift certificates.

Wood Burning

The lost art of burning designs into wood plaques is lost no more. Each piece is lovingly crafted, stained and clear coated to order.

  • Wall Plaques.
  • Mailbox signs.
  • All customized

Web Design

Using the highest standards and latest in web development to create a stunning and user friendly experience.

  • Full or single page websites.
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3.
  • Facebook covers and Twitter backgrounds.


Vector graphics for use in signage and other large scale projects. Unlike pixel based design, vectors can be scaled without loss of clarity.

  • Signs and Banners.
  • T-shirts and apparel.

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Blood from the Underground

Blood From the Underground is an anthology consisting of all stories found in the annual downloads in parts I, II, and III. Authors that will be found in this anthology: G.L Giles, James Patrick Riser, Elizadeth Hetherington, David Dunwoody, BellaDonna Drakul, Edwin Ong, Josh Felty, Eric Enck, Reaper M. Jones, Daniel Emery Taylor, Vance Hetherington, Josh Loomis, Nenad Stakic, Jerry Williams, Robert Freese, Jessica Lee, Dave Wolff, Kristin Theckston, and Lucas McPherson.

Infernal Dreams presents Blood From the Underground as a proud collective of unique and outstanding stories from various authors and artists of horror. There are twenty-four stories with varying subjects and graphic content.

Copies are only $1.05 USD. Once purchased the format that you chose will be emailed to the address supplied on the PayPal recipt, Thank you and enjoy the chills.

Get ePub Here
Get MOBI Here
Get PDF Here

Fangoria' announces 'Chainsaw Award' nominees

Yesterday January 16th, 2013, "Fangoria" magazine announced their choices for the annual "Chainsaw Awards", horror's answer to the Oscars. Inviting readers to e-mail in votes, winners will be announced in the May issue of the popular horror magazine.

The categories are best widely released film, best direct-to-video film, best foreign language film, best actor and actress, and best creature/special f/x.

Read the whole story HERE.

Horror movies for snowy days

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy horror movies. Nights are longer, and days are darker. During this time of year, some horror fans are hard pressed to find something to keep them going until warmer weather is on the horizon. Not all fans want to be reminded that it was once summery, breezy and warm. Watching Jason Voorhees slay errant teenagers during balmy nights at Crystal Lake doesn't help when fans are huddled up by the fireplace, listening to old man winter howl outside, making your cheerful hot cocoa lukewarm before the marshmallows have had a chance to melt.

Read the whole story HERE.

Top horror hits for 2013

Some may argue 2013 was a slow year for horror, there were some very bright points. The "Evil Dead" remake and "World War Z" being two of them, there were quite a few films of note in 2013.

Top grossing horror films in 2013 were "World War Z", "Warm Bodies", "The Purge", and "Mama".

It would seem in 2013, horror fans preferred zombies over paranormal, or vampire stories. "Warm Bodies", a runaway hit novel, won over fans early on, as the story of a zombie winning the heart of a mortal girl entranced teenagers and grown ups alike. Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer's chemistry onscreen was delightful and really breathed life into the plot.

Read the whole story HERE.

Risky Horror/Thriller Movie Bets - Were they even worth the budget?

Horror and thriller movies now have an edge over rom coms ever since the former was rumored to be more ideal for dating than the latter. However, producing these is always a risk; after all, not all scary flicks become blockbuster hits, especially if reviews from Rotten Tomatoes give them low ratings.
Creating horror and thriller movies is akin to making wagers, and the odds aren’t always in their favor. Like any betting endeavor, producers and directors just go for it and see how it does in the box office. Calculation of probabilities or plain gut instinct is the usual weapon employed, along with the hope that it all pays off. The Academy Awards, though not concerned with box office ratings, is another arena which has not been penetrated by horror flicks lately—even Betfair’s Jack Houghton, who analyzes films for Oscars betting online, is not keen on thriller/horror movies making it to the list of nominees.

Here are some examples of risky horror and thriller movie bets this year:

World War Z
This Brad Pitt film had a budget of $150 million, and based on the famous Max Brooks novel of the same title. What made it a risk was the production—according to ScreenRant.com, it nearly got shut down. Also, the opening date was moved to allow a seven-week reshoot. However, the flick raked in revenues ($200 million) despite the mishaps, as predicted by movie buffs. Whether it’s due to zombie presence or Brad Pitt himself, this movie’s production team clearly made a good bet.

This mystery/thriller starring Josh Brolin was a remake of the Korean film by Chan-wook Park. The movie was a risk because there were Asian movies adapted by Hollywood which became flops. Also, the violence was extreme, plus the topics are controversial, so mixed reactions by audiences are expected. The storyline is “dark and disturbing”, and it was hard to tell if moviegoers will welcome it with open arms. It would seem that producing it was a bad bet, because it didn’t live up to the reputation of the original. From a production budget of $30 million, Box Office Mojo placed its total earnings at over $4 million worldwide gross to date.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
Granted, this is based on a fairy tale, but Paramount masked it with horror/thriller elements that it can already be classified as an action/horror flick. The risk is on the film’s premise itself—beloved bedtime story characters turned witch hunters. Since it was R-rated, the target audience is limited, and from the trailer it can be gleaned that production is over the top. Despite the seeming drawbacks, the risk paid off; the production budget was $50 million, and the total worldwide gross was over $200 million.

Michael Keaton confirms 'Beetlejuice 2'

Michael Keaton has confirmed he will be appearing in Beetlejuice 2. This came to us yesterday, Nov 6th, 2013 from Metro.co.uk who reported TMZ had asked previously if Keaton was to be involved in the sequel to Tim Burton's popular 1988 horror offering, and he answered with a simple "Yes", confirming a rumor several months in the making.

It was reported last month that the film company was talking seriously to Burton about getting involved with the project, since the original studio who brought the first film to life started considering a direct sequel, to follow the characters 26 years later. Signing Keaton on was pretty pivotal to getting Burton to agree to direct the sequel.

Read the whole story HERE.

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